Cat Crowther & Emrys Plant

The CROWTHER/PLANT brand is a luxury, organic, menswear collection, built on sustainable principles, created in the resurgent town of Margate England. The inspiration for our active silhouette comes from the poetry of where we live and work by the sea, from its chalk reefs and calm waters to its burning sunset skies, our product reflects a natural spirited feel.

CROWTHER/PLANT designers Cat Crowther and Emrys Plant met whilst studying at Nottingham Trent University in 2001. They have worked for the past 15 years in fashion and creative direction, Cat has spent a decade in Paris as a senior knitwear designer for the likes of Kenzo and Eric Bompard. Emrys has developed a plural design practice spanning from menswear design to publically commissioned installation and spoken word. The designers were brought together by a passionate commitment to developing CROWTHER/PLANT with a direction that marries their broad design experience with ecological and social sustainable principles.

We believe there has to be a change in the future of fashion design and production towards a more sustainable model that has to start from the designer. We take our responsibilities as designers seriously, from manufacturing responsibly and exclusively in England with organic cotton to hand dyeing with natural indigo; a process that gives an incredible depth of colour and unique finish.

We design with a visual balance and structured confidence using our British knitted organic cotton jersey to produce our sports-luxe inspired collection.
Resort Studios
Athelstan road

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